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Health-related quality of life

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 Workshops in decision making and service improvement
Presented by Dr Rod O'Connor

How people think

We now realise that intuition, emotional feelings, understanding of others, physical sensations, reasoning, and new ideas, are profoundly interlinked.

This day long workshop explores the lessons, the implications for how we see ourselves, and how to use this knowledge to make better decisions. 

Not to be missed


How to develop a valid questionnaire

This hands-on workshop provides both theory and practice in developing valid questionnaires,

Participants are welcome to bring current questionnaires to be developed or improved during the workshop

'No amount of statistical manipulation after the fact can compensate for poorly chosen questions; those that are badly worded, ambiguous, irrelevant, or even worse not present' (Streiner and Norman, 1995)

'Measuring patient-centred outcomes'
Measuring Health-related Quality of Life, Health Status, and Patient Satisfaction

'How to evaluate a health care program'

The workshop trains participants to evaluate and/or develop programs in health, human services, & aged care

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'Issues in the Measurement of Health-related Quality of Life'
'On being treated as a person' - A review of psychosocial interventions to improve outcomes for persons with cancer

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Health outcomes and health-related quality of life measurement Sydney NSW Australia

Improving Decisions

od O’Connor & Associates or ROA are Sydney Australia consultants specialising in improving decision making in healthcare and human service industries. 

Rod O'Connor PhD has been a Technical adviser to the World Bank, consultant in Outcomes Research and Situational Analysis for Policy for the WHO, invited rapporteur on Quality of Life Measurement for the UK Economic & Social Research Council, and invited referee for the U.K. National Co-ordinating Centre for Research Capacity Development.  He has also been a Conjoint Associate Professor at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of New South Wales, and member of Brain Sciences UNSW. 

Rod has a PhD in cognitive science (Monash University) and training in health economics (Monash University & University of Melbourne), health outcomes measurement (Harvard School of Public Health), and modern measurement methods (University of Illinois at Chicago). 
His book ‘Measuring Quality of Life in Health’ was published by Elsevier/ Churchill Livingstone U.K. in 2004, and is currently completing a book on 'How people think'.

ROA apply the methods and insight of cognitive and behavioural science to develop improved programs and decision systems.  

orkshops are conducted by ROA in areas critical to service improvement.  These are provided directly to client organisations as well as in association with bodies such as the Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM).  Workshops provide training in improving decision making, patient-centred outcomes measurement (including HQoL), development and evaluation of programs (including data linkage), and questionnaire design.

An executive advisory service is available to anyone who feels they may benefit from one-to-one guidance in any of the workshop areas.  Please contact Rod O'Connor if you might be interested in this option. 

ver 90 projects in healthcare development and evaluation have been completed by ROA. 

Agencies assisted and examples of projects include the World Health Organisation (outcomes measurement; policy analysis), The World Bank (quality improvement of healthcare),
GlaxoSmithKline (strategic planning of clinical research), Commonwealth of Australia (disability assessment, mental health needs forecasting), Malaysian Ministry of Health (acute hospital planning), the Australian Bureau of Statistics (assessing healthcare needs), and Canteen (evaluation of psycho-social support needs for adolescents with cancer). 

rformance measures have been constructed in areas as diverse as disability assessment (the Disability Support Pension for DSS Australia), Aboriginal health infrastructure funding (for ATSIC and the Commonwealth of Australia), medication compliance (GSK), and home-carer burden (SA domicilary care)

OA have been active in Australia since 1988, S.E.Asia 1991, East Asia 1998, South America 2000, the Pacific 2001, and P.R.China 2006

Activity areas

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Program Improvement
Cognitive Task Analysis
Team behaviour
Decision Systems
Evidence-based Medicine
Client-valued outcomes
Program Evaluation
Data Linkage
QoL and Satisfaction
Health Psychometrics

Program Development
Program planning
Needs analysis
Demand forecasting

 in project improvement
and development

in socio-behavioural factors
 and decision making 

Outcomes measurement
Program Evaluation, Planning
Naturalistic decision making
Questionnaire Design
Program Improvement

Policy development
Data base development
Model building
Experimental design
Data analysis


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ABN 73 240 595 586
Sydney Australia
Tel: +61-2-9555 9916
Mob. 0413 60 70 73


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Measuring  Quality of Life  


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