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Primary Health Care: social, behavioural, and environmental research

Better access to services, exercise, change in diet, reduction of accidents, and addressing social problems, can markedly reduce death and illness. Indigenous populations may also be assisted by special programs to combat the effects of dispossession.

ROA is active throughout this broad area, identifying community needs and developing programs to address social, environmental, and behavioural factors. 

Sample Projects

Service delivery models for parents with mental health issues who are failing to provide adequate care for their children. For the Bendigo Health Care Group.

The feasibility of using administrative data and key informants to assess Aboriginal health and social service need. 
For the National Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics, Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Alcohol and gambling. 
A review of the relationship between alcohol and gambling, for Alcohol Concern Limited.

Getting Aboriginal Health Right: Correcting Environmental, Social, and Behavioural Factors. Identification of priority programs for action in Aboriginal health, incorporating a review of the major forms of disease among Aboriginal people and the roles of housing, health services, and socio-behavioural factors. Report for the Evaluation of the National Aboriginal Health Strategy, Commonwealth of Australia.

Development of the Environmental Health Effects Scale. An instrument based on expert judgement for rating the effect of environmental factors on the health of Aboriginal households. The scale analyses key factors, provides weightings to reveal importance, and prioritises action to improve programs. For the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission.

Implementation Issues Associated with the Delivery of the National Program for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer (NPEDBC) across the Remote North of Australia. Report to the National Program for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer (NPEDBC) on issues that need to be addressed in delivering health programs in remote areas. Commonwealth of Australia.

The Development of Models for Allocating ATSIC Housing and Infrastructure Funds. Exploration of the issues entailed in developing a needs-based model for allocating ATSIC Housing and Infrastructure funds to promote environmental / public health. For the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission.

Identification of Aboriginal Women's Health Programs that Maximise Community Acceptance and Effectiveness. The Development and Costing of Options for the Provision of Breast Cancer Screening in the Northern Territory: Part A. Conducted for the National Program for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer (NPEDBC), Commonwealth of Australia.

Review of the South Coast Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation (SCMSAC). Review of the current operations and ongoing role of the SCMSAC. For the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission.
An Analysis of Health Service needs for Older People in the North East. An examination of the need and availability of institutional and community directed services geriatric services. Prepared for the Eastern Suburbs Geriatric Centre.

Child Sexual Abuse: Prevention, Detection, and Reduction. An examination of the elements necessary for the development of a comprehensive and integrated program to combat child sexual abuse in Victoria, and the preparation of a development and implementation plan. Report prepared for the NHMRC National Centre for Health Program Evaluation.

Behavioural Research in HIV Transmission: Sources of Invalidity in self-report surveys. An examination of difficulties in, and methods relevant to, the gathering of accurate information regarding intra-venous drug use and sexual behaviour. Prepared for the Epidemiology Research Unit of the MacFarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research.

Very Special Kids: Future Directions. A strategic plan for the development of a Victorian paediatric palliative care service.

An Evaluation Framework for the National Better Health Program. Prepared with Dr D Dunt for the NHMRC National Centre for Health Program Evaluation.

An Evaluation Framework for the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. Prepared with Dunt, Richardson, Pyett, Daly, Temple-Smith, and Day, for the NHMRC National Centre for Health Program Evaluation.

Violence: Its Aetiology and the Potential for Reduction through Mass Media Campaigns. Identification of methods for the reduction of community violence through mass media intervention. Prepared for the Australian National Association for Mental Health and the Mental Health Foundation of Australia.

The Reduction of Aggressive Behaviour in Children. Establishment of a program to reduce aggressive behaviour in children. Design, development and initiation of a collaborative program between The Melbourne City Mission and La Trobe University Dept. of Behavioural Science.

Survey of Community, Patients and Provider Views regarding Monash Medical Centre. Survey of past patients and catchment residents to identify strengths and shortcomings of the MMC as perceived by the community. Prepared in collaboration with staff of Health Solutions P/L.

Comfort, Respect and Independence While Alive. A feasibility study to establish the first State government-initiated community based palliative care service in Australia, in the municipalities of Box Hill, Doncaster and Templestowe, Nunawading and Waverley. Victorian Department of Health.

Models of Care. Characteristics of Homeless persons and Implications for residential care models. Review prepared in exploring a proposal for an aged persons hostel. For Hanover Welfare Services. Prepared in collaboration with staff of Health Solutions P/L.

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