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Need & Demand:
policy and planning, prioritisation, program development


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Prioritising and developing services based on evidence are vital aspects of private and government health business.  Governments are concerned to improve health status, identify service barriers, and ensure equity in service access.   Private agencies need to know the market for their products, to determine where future markets lie, and ensure quality.

Sample Projects

Health service quality improvement.  To Ministry of Health, P.R. China, on behalf of HLSP/ the WORLD BANK

Developing capacity in International Health Care Development. For UNSWIP (University of New South Wales International Projects)

Situational Analysis for Policy.  To the Ministry of Health, Fiji, on behalf of WHO (World Health Organisation)

Developing a strategic plan for Clinical Research Unit, GSK Sydney.  For GlaxoSmithKline Medicines (GSK)

Development of a Population-based Needs Assessment model for Mental Health Services in Australia. Design, development, and application of a utilisation-based needs assessment model, integrating demographic, morbidity, workforce, service supply, and socio-economic information to estimate service need. For the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services.

Demand analysis and determination of bed requirements for new teaching hospitals at Ampang and Serdang in Malaysia. Assessment and projection of bed needs by clinical specialty through on-site analysis of social, economic, morbidity and population relationships. For ABRAR with Ramsay Health Care.

Development of a National Model for Planning and Forecasting Hospital Bed Demand in Malaysia using Current Utilisation. Development of national methods for identifying current needs, planning acute hospital bed provision and forecasting future bed requirements throughout Malaysia. For the Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

The Closure of Prince Henry's Teaching Hospital: Its Impact. Analysis and projection of hospital morbidity and demographic data to assess current and future service demand under alternative scenarios, and an examination of the adequacy of institutional and domiciliary health services under these differing scenarios.

A Strategic Plan for the Development of Mental Health Services in the State of South Australia. Analysis of current service provision, formulation of the elements necessary for the provision of community based services, and the development of a planning structure to oversee the introduction of recommended changes (ie. the SPA authority). Prepared when Director of Health Solutions P/L.

Service Demand - Demographics, Epidemiology and Forecast Demand. A comprehensive examination of likely future demand for public hospital services in the State of Victoria, Australia. Prepared when Director of Health Solutions P/L. In Acute Hospital Care - The Victorian Hospitals' Assessment. Now and Beyond. Victorian Hospitals Association.

Feasibility Study of the proposed Amalgamation of the Adelaide Children's and the Queen Victoria Hospitals. Strategic analysis of need and demand for obstetric and paediatric services in South Australia, and their implications for service requirements. With D. Kay and N. Henderson.

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